Imperial Hustle is the new urban promotion company thats core focus is supporting independent Music, Art and Entertainment and Alternative Media. We publish The Resource Magazine Our Magazine is here to help promote and educate the independent artist and model network. Which is an ever growing urban market that’s connecting your world of creative ambition through art, design and Music. Advertise your skills or services over our vast growing market and link up with the hottest talent in your market. We at the present time cover mostly the San Diego and Inland Empire demographic; our company provides a network through our magazine that anyone has the opportunity to get published, from musicians, designers, models, photographers and much more.¬† The Resource is an urban magazine on the border of groundbreaking topics. Our goal is to enlighten and expand the information that exists to one another. In our world and the Media Industry has an obsession with producing¬† a lack of creativity. Propaganda’s of laziness and blindness has coated our thinking, through the marketing of ignorance. The articles that we provide will make you think, the Ads and art will make you feel, the network and connections we provide will allow you to be apart of this.


We are a new publication but very common to the design world, we are represented by ImperialHustle.com. The web site gives a avenue to all kinds of great knowledge and creative music. We will continue to express our views through the avenues of a DVD magazine, Mixtapes and powerful documentaries.


Imperial Hustle will Cover news, entertainment, urban fashion, music, movies, books, new gadgets,politics, technology and sex. and much more. Our main goal is to give a platform for Models, Artists, Designers, Photographers to display their skills, with dropping informative jewels of knowledge within very fulfilling articles that I guarantee wont leave you hungry, Interesting topics, and point of views that will blow your mind. We like to think of ourselves at Imperial Hustle and The Resource as the Urban Rebels, that bring you your information live and direct raw and uncut, that’s how your going to get it from us, and that’s why we will be remembered!