Music Marketing Campaigns

Need to promote your music? Do you need a one stop shop that can get your word out??

Finding the right nitch for a business is what we specialize in. We bring our marketing efforts with many aspects. We do everything from video blogging to email blasts and creating social media promotions. The goal is to get the audience attracted in a positive way. We have established over the years a wide urban demographic of hip hop listeners and music businesses. Sourcing your fans and how to interact with them is our specialty. We allow you to develop content and ideas that work best for your team. We work as an extension of your in-house staff and go step by step with exactly what they need. It’s easy, you tell us your goal and we will help you get there! We keep you informed by relaying analytics, charts and details of our success. We emphasize communication through informing you where we are effective and areas that we are not. We analyze what you are doing as of right now, so that we can become the most productive for you when we start working together. We have a variety of different marketing services; let us know what works for you.

We off several different immediate announcement services for large scale marketing. All of services can be produced within a week or less. Take a look and decide if any of these work for you.

Music Announcement(Over 150,000) We make sure that  you reach thousands of music fans through connections that we have built. We get you in front of the fans that are looking for new musicians and songs to listen to.

Email Campaign(Over 40,000) For artists interested in getting their projects promoted throughout our network of magazine readers and social media followers, we make sure that your project is in front of a secure audience of supporters that have been with us for years.

Blog Placement(Over 100 different Blogs) A sure way to get in-front of the right people is to make sure that you are located where they search. We work with our tight nitch of relationships to get you placed in a variety of blogs and websites to support your music, credibility and exposure.

Press Release(Network of 250,000 Contacts) Nothing says success like reaching into the big media. We send your project to some of the top media influence rs in a variety of industries. Each Press Release is handled uniquely with a high level of professionalism. Contact us today and let us work with you and your team.


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