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Imperial Hustle Services and Bundles

Imperial Hustle offers several promotional services for artists of any kind to fit any budget. Fill out the form for the service that you are interested in and we will get back to you with more info and a custom price quote within 24 hours.

If you want to be featured in an issue of The Resource Magazine Hosted by a Major Artist submit your music at

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 Music and Business Promotion


Media Sponsorship

Imperial Hustle is developing the largest network for connections in southern California. With 200 online media outlets that our staff have direct contacts to outlets that will market to over 100,000 fans. We can promote your music, business or services to websites, blogs, producers, a&r’s, mangers and more.


Premium Music Promotion

When you have a project of your own, the key in making it successful is great promotion, just let us know about it. We do everything from the design, marketing, promotion and print. This will release your project to all the fans and network connections that Imperial Hustle has under its belt.

  Artist Radio Promotion


Urban Intell Radio

Urban Intell Radio Promotion

Urban Intell Radio, is were we do exclusive interviews with artists and we touch base on informative topics with shows that can give our audience something to walk away with! If you have any interest in your show being featured on our radio show please submit your music with us and someone will contact you in 24 hours.

  Video Promotion

Business Video Promotion

With our growing magazine that is in readership over 10,000 this will get you publication and We give you the time to advertise your company through video to our network of music fans, and industry professionals. With over 4000 subscribers and media outlets of 100k plus network we will get you solid exposure.

Juvenile at Club Fluxx In San Diego

Club Fluxx in San Diego

Artist Video Promotion

This promotion package is great for any artist looking to get their video in front of the right outlets. We can get you to the music fans and pipeline that we have connections with. Plus the industry professionals we work with. With over 4000 subscribers and media outlets of 100k plus network we will get you solid exposure.

Producer Promotion Bundles

Independent Producer Bundle

When you see artists that have made their success by being apart of the right type of media at the right time. Each artist would never stand in this arena without the right producer and sound behind the scenes that make everything that they put together a classic. We will be taking some of the top indie producers and listing you to some of the time paying free agents for your work today.

The Real Rick Ross with Imperial hustle

The Real Rick Ross San Diego Magazine

Next level Promotion

Imperial Hustle will go all the way to giving you the same techniques used in promoting on Indie Success, but we go the extra mile in getting you to industry professionals many A&R’s and Label Managers are looking for fresh new sounds and producers that can provide this. We take the time to get you involved with some of the top A&R’s with projects that our coming in from established artists, looking for fresh new sounds. Stay tuned on these projects.

  Magazine Placement

Nappy Roots on the Cover of The Resource Magazine

Nappy Roots with San Diego Urban Media

Magazine 1 page Ad/Interview with The Resource Magazine

The hottest Urban Magazine that is on the rise in San Diego, gives you the chance to be able to interview and tell your story or promote your products in front of the thousands of people that will be reading it. You will be featured to all our major media outlets.

Ras Kass Cover for The Resource Magazine

Ras Kass Cover for The Resource Magazine

The Resource Magazine Unsigned Hype Section

If you are one of the hottest in your area and you have the music and the talent to match, you may have a chance to get into our unsigned hype section of the magazine. Send in your music and were you are from and we could contact you with more details regarding it.