New Mixtape: ​Zee Will – ill Mantra | @illZeeWill

New Mixtape: ​Zee Will – ill Mantra | @illZeeWill

New Mixtape: Zee Will – ill Mantra

Fresno, California Rapper Zee Will releases his new 8 track EP “ill Mantra” on soundcloud. Growing up closely with his eight other siblings, Zee was inspired to make music in his early twenties, when he found that his greatest strength was his penchant for writing poetry and transferring his prose to a beat. This lyrical edge gave him the drive to create his truthful and brutally vivid music, which was the basis of his older projects like Strategy Guide, Ill Child and well-received self-titled project Zee Will which dropped this past August. His drive and determination helped him win multiple talent shows to earn the right to open for Kendrick Lamar in 2012, and eventually spread his message throughout the woefully underrepresented Fresno area and in cities such as Austin, TX, New York, and Tokyo, Japan. Zee has also opened for artists like Rakim, Dizzy Wright, and Fresno’s own Fashawn. “Fresno is a market waiting to explode,” Zee said adding that “I wouldn’t be where I’m at as an artist today if it wasn’t for the city.” His global reach is only rising, and it’s only a matter of time before this so called “diamond in the rough” is finally shining for the world to see.

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