SupaHype: Interview SupaHype – Independent Media Hub

SupaHype: Interview SupaHype – Independent Media Hub

SupaHype: Interview SupaHype – Independent Media Hub

Radio Personality Supa Hype

1. SupaHype, you are the owner of RadioSupa.com. What is radio supa and what does it bring different to the marketplace?

Radio Supa is an online radio station specializing in Hip Hop and other urban music formats. We broadcast to our worldwide audience of listeners and have recently celebrated having over 1 million listens to the station. We do live interviews with many upcoming and established artists and producers across our live shows that broadcast throughout each week.

2. SupaHype, How long has radio supa been in service and how did you come up with the concept for this internet radio platform? Why is internet radio so important now?

We are entering our 7th year of operations. The initial idea for the station came due to the position that I was in after my Supa Music label landed in after releasing a new album. We did not have a way to sufficiently promote our project and FM radio support in the particular region was not dependable. I knew that there were many other artists, producers, managers and other individuals with creative projects that would face the same issue. Our internet radio platform is important not only because it gives these individuals a platform to push their projects, but also because we are able to break new music they way that FM radio did years ago, but cannot openly do today. Radio Supa was birthed from this idea.

3. SupaHype, how did you get your start within the music industry?

My first job in the music industry was at Jive Records NY, after finishing school for music business and recording. I chose this place because I owned a lot of the hip hop albums they released at the time (KRS One, D Nice, Steady B, etc…) that I needed to finish my internship. After that I went on to work at legendary studios such as The Hit Factory, (Herb) Powers House of Sound and to manage a studio for the Diamond selling producer group C&C Music Factory.

4. SupaHype, what is the difference between hip hop and rap in your eyes?

I hear people make significant distinctions between the two. For me, I see hip hop as the culture and rap (or rapping) as part of that, just as b-boying, graph writing or turntablism would be.

5. SupaHype, you are also an artist as well. how hard is it to own a radio station and still fulfill your desire to be and artist?

In terms of this, I see the only was to truly be successful with juggling and managing all of these music related projects at the same time is to truly “exist” in the music culture. It is not something that I just do in my spare time. From the artist standpoint, my love for being an emcee came right after my love in discovering hip hop music as a child. Regardless of what I am ever working on or operating in the industry, musically I will always consider myself “also” an artist.

6. SupaHype, what is the name of your new single and how did this record come about?

The new single is titled “Forever” and is available now in all digital markets. I recorded this with a partner of mine Kajuan The Shogun & Rufus Pipes. The single came together during a period where the three of us were working towards recording for an album project.

7. SupaHype, what is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

I can say that I have had a very interesting life with interesting struggles in it. Some of those being; working alone through the music industry, being a single father or working on my Doctorates degree. One of the most difficult (stand alone) times that comes to mind what what I called my “Ironman month.” During this month while managing a major recording studio, I worked every single day, where from 6hr shifts to 36hr shifts (without extra pay) for 1 month straight. It brought the studio through a difficult time and allowed us to survive some changes to become successful. I can say that, with the combination of things that I do today (single father, school, work, radio & artist projects), I am carrying more responsibility than I ever have in life.

8. SupaHype, where do you see your bring and career in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I see the continued expansion of the Radio Supa imprint that I’ve created. I also look to be able to work on some of the creative artist / executive projects that I have in my head and get back into film or on screen. Plans are in the works.


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Radio Personality Supa Hype Interview

Radio Personality Supa Hype Interview

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