Our Exclusive Interview with Carol Daniels

Our Exclusive Interview with Carol Daniels

How did you get started into Modeling?
I’m a NarcisistWhat branch of modeling do you choose to focus on and why?
Urban modeling like for magazines and music videos, because thats the market for curvy girls like meWhat work are you most proud of? why?
I’m most proud of when I combine my skills as a model and photographer to create a concept piece that is not only about being sexy.How hard is it to break into the Industry?
Its not hard, its just time consuming, the more time you have to put into it (attend casting calls, network, update your portfolio. . .) the easier it gets.What is it that drives you and keeps you motivated?
Having my friends and family say “Congrats I saw you in that music video!”

What are some of the things in the modeling world you know now, that you wish you knew before?
Not doing trade shoots without establishing that I will get the pics on the same day.

Do you have any unusual talents?
I’m an art student so I can paint, draw, photograph, use Photoshop. . . pretty much create in general. And I can lick my elbow!

Whats one of the Key things to remember when working with a Photographer?
Look through his portfolio closely and see if its worth it if you are shooting trade, or establish how much he will be paying you and when if it isn’t. And make sure he’s not a creep by contacting previous models he’s worked with!

What is your favorite body part in Photos?
My face, theres always things I can improve on my body by working out more.

what do you enjoy doing most when you have free time?
Painting, partying, being around people.

If you could live any were in the world were would that be?
Here, when I wish to live elsewhere, I’ll go there.

How can people contact you if their interested in booking you for more work?
follow me on twitter @skyeeline or check out my Model Mayhem account: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1605087

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    Our Exclusive Interview with Carol Daniels.

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