Double A of IRS Interviews with IHE Magazine

Double A of IRS Interviews with IHE Magazine

Lil Kim, Known as Queen Bee to the Hip hop Industry had developed a record label under the name of Queen Bee Entertainment in the late 90’s. After taking the time to develop a high profile career and a branded name as one of raps female emcee vocalists, she had relaunched her record label under the new I.R.S Records. International Rock Stars, with Imperial Hustle launching its new magazine line IHE Magazine, we had gotten the chance to speak with one of Lil Kim’s label artists Double A, out of the group. We look forward to disclosing some insight on music, the label, Lil Kim and his own career for our first issue of the new year. Look out for this upcoming issue. It will be available in stores and media outlets near you.

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