E. Grizzly – A Journey into Noise

E. Grizzly – A Journey into Noise

E. Grizzly Dedicates his new mix to Trent Reznor’s Production
A-Ha! Records artist E. Grizzly teams up again with PKG Studios to release his new mix “How To Destroy Everything.” The beats for this new body of work are all remixed versions of Trent Reznor songs. E. Grizzly did the arrangements himself which include beats from Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels and a movie score Trent produced. The result is a dark, industrial hip hop, electronic sound mixed with Grizzly’s poetic lyricism. To view the mix, click the link below.

“This really started out as something to do for fun,” says Grizzly. “I’ve played with rock bands, jam bands, punk bands, released hip hop mixes so I like to see how far I can take things. I always thought Trent Reznor’s beats were dope and it just grew from there, almost like a happy accident.” How to Destroy Everything is available for free download and was mixed by 9th Element and E. Grizzly at PKG Studios in Philadelphia, PA.


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