Track: E-Reign – Need More | @ereignesm

Track: E-Reign - Need More

Track: E-Reign – Need More | @ereignesm

Track: E-Reign – Need More

Prepping his debut on the hip-hop scene, rapper E-Reign has released his newest single “Need More” to introduce his brand to a wider audience, touch the soul and promote the realness. “Need More” is a flurry of hi-hats and snares, a soulful sample chorus, and wavy synths that create a New York vibe (something the rapper feels many artists from his city are afraid to stand behind) and a go-and-get-it attitude to match, brought on by E-Reign’s desire to further his craft and build his empire. In addition, the single serves to uplift the members of the community and encourage them to constantly strive for more, no matter how much they have already accomplished. This theme represents E-Reign to the core. Following his introduction to hip-hop at age 10, he began bettering his craft by creating more records and performing across New York City. After branching out to perform across the East Coast, including several shows in Atlanta and North Carolina, E-Reign has begun his plan to release singles throughout the year in an effort to broaden his audience and use his diversity and lyricism to build a stronger fan base. In addition to releasing “Need More,” E-Reign is planning to tour oversees in order to promote his brand globally, as well as prepping his new clothing line L3. The title stands for Longevity, Loyalty and Love, traits that E-Reign exhibits himself and plans to uphold throughout his career. The rapper also expects to release a new single within several weeks, diversifying his sound and establishing his title as the Future of New York. Be on the look out for E-Reign in 2016.

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