Emerson Windy Graces front page of IHE Magazine

Emerson WIndy

Emerson Windy Graces front page of IHE Magazine

Emerson Windy, who had recently worked with major artists such as 2 Chains, Lil Wayne, Timbaland, Raekwon from the Wu, Pusha T and many more. To put together his album Herojuana. The Herojuana album had received major critical backlash from the Native American community due to the content in its premiere single Peace Pipes. Peace Pipes had been the top feature on Worldstarhiphop.com for a week straight, finishing off with 15 million views. The out cry of racism from the Native American community towards Emerson Windy was loud and clear. Native Americans poured in from the thousands to protest online for the destruction of the video. The video involved Emerson and other colleagues using traditional peace pipes, Native American head dresses (War Bonnets) and traditional outfits, for the video mixed in with controversial lyrics. Native American blogs and websites had out cry’s to all media outlets to band the video, with strikes against Emerson Windy and his sponsored partner Mr. Good Vape. Many Native Americans had found the platform of fighting alleged racism with their own form of racism, while other Native Americans disagreed with those methods they followed with words of intelligence and education. Emerson listening to each and every intelligent concern had taken what was being said into consideration. The main problem being the War Bonnet worn by him without being earned from the consent of a leader of a tribe or the Native American community, this had been a formal sign of disrespect. Emerson Windy took responsibility for not understanding the pain and the disrespect that he had portrayed and made a public announcement to the Native American community. The public announcement was aired with Jammin Z90, Emerson in good faith pulled the video off Worldstarhiphop, also changed the cover of his album which consisted of Emerson wearing the War Bonnet in Native American attire. Emerson had also made sure to pull all his existing images and photos of the video and him in Native American attire off every social media site that he owned. We will be covering Emerson further on this topic,  how he felt regarding the backlash, the post controversy and what he plans to have in store for the future.

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