Exclusive Interview With Miss Crystal Dior

Exclusive Interview With Miss Crystal Dior

Miss Crystal Dior

How did you get started into Modeling?

I actually booked a shoot with a local photographer that was just for fun, but I got so many compliments on the work that it made me think; maybe I should start doing this! It’s my niche, I love it, and I’m good at it & have fun doing it!


What branch of modeling do you choose to focus on and why?

I consider myself a lingerie & bikini model.  I think it’s what works best with my body..I’m a curvy bombshell, what can I say?


How hard is it to break into the Industry?I think it’s kind of easy to break into the industry, I mean anyone can go find a photographer…do a shoot and they call themselves a “model.”  The hard part is being a “good” model,  the right sex appeal, the right look, the right photographer even.  When you’re a good model people want to look at your work, they want to see more.


What is it that drives you and keeps you motivated?I have specific goals I want to reach in my career and I don’t ever lose sight of those. I am a very motivated and determined girl.  I have chosen modeling as my career and I want to be the best at it! I give 150 at this & I’ll keep pushing myself until I reach my goals.

With marketing yourself what has helped you the most with getting your name out?

Networking!! I network anyway I can via twitter, facebook & model mayhem.  My website has helped out a lot also. Also, I have done tons on features and interviews on websites which I LOVE because it allows me to reach another audience that I may not have before. It’s great for exposure & helps build my fan base!


Do you have any unusual talents?I am a girly girl but I can play a mean game of football baby!


Whats one of the Key things to remember when working with a Photographer?

Communicate..that way you both know the concept & look you want so you’ll get the right outcome.



What is your favorite body part in Photos?

Is that a trick question? I love my body. My top and my bottom are favorites for sure!


Turn On’s?A confident man who knows what he wants.  I love fresh haircuts and clean appearances. Tattoos are a plus!!! Dab on a bit of that cologne fella’s… smelling good and looking good are a great combo!

Trust me

Turn Off’s?Bad breath, scuffed up sneakers and wack come on lines.


What do you enjoy doing most when you have free time?

Free time?  I try to not have too much of that. I think that a successful person is a motivated person and I am motivated baby!  I’m always working on new projects or planning my next shoot concept.  I like to stay busy and am always on the grind building my career.


If you could live any were in the world were would that be?

I would live here! All of my family and friends are here and I am very close with them.  Now, if I could have a vacation house I would have it in Puerto Rico, white sand beaches and blue water. Ooohh I’d be in heaven.


How can people contact you if their interested in booking you for more work?

Email: misscrystaldior@gmail.com for bookings.

Follow me at twitter @misscrystaldior

&  on facebook.com/misscrystaldior


I’d like to thank The Resource Magazine for the opportunity to be featured! XOX

Please credit———

Photographer: Julian Garcia of Cover Shot Images

My makeup artist: Cast Of Thousands

Hairstylist: Kelly Christopherson


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    Exclusive Interview With Miss Crystal Dior.

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