Exclusive Interview with Rosci

Exclusive Interview with Rosci

Q: How did you get started into Modeling?
A:I’ve always loved the camera everyone would always tell me I should model and that I have the look. I bumped into the maryjane models and their CEO master moo joined their movement an things are really starting to come together now.

Q:What branch of modeling do you choose to focus on and why?
A: Music videos, magazines…I really want to do some runway. I’ve been doing a couple of music videos lately. You never know who you may run into at a shoot. It allows me to network with people and build a name for myself because I’m still very new at this and I’m always looking for ways to build my modeling career.

Q:What work are you most proud of? why?
A:? Well like stated before I’m still very new to this but I’ve done a couple music videos in the past 2 months for a few major artists. I’m on ginuwines drink of choice video, also Maino fr. Swizz beats, jada kiss, Jim Jones, joel Ortiz “we keep it rockin” video and I just shot a video for a song featuring papoose. So keep your eyes open look out for me and remember this is only the beginning.

Q:How hard is it to break into the Industry?
A: I’ve learned that this is a really competitive industry. Its not something that you can just stumble into and expect to be successful. One thing you MUST do is promote yourself and everything that your doing. Build a name for yourself and make sure you network with people. Make people like you so that they call you for their next jobs.

Q:What are some of the things in the modeling world you know now, that you wish you knew before?
A:Its not as easy as it looks. Everything isn’t always about a pretty face or a nice body. There’s a lot of other factors that play a huge role.

Q:Do you have any unusual talents?
A:I’m very flexible.

Q:Whats one of the Key things to remember when working with a Photographer?
A:Make sure you are comfortable working with the photographer you choose and if not bring someone with you. If you are uncomfortable it will definitely show in your photos.

Q:What is your favorite body part in Photos?
A:My legs. I have nice long legs.

Q:what do you enjoy doing most when you have free time?
A:I like to relax. Modeling on top of working full time can be exhausting at times so I just like to chill out with my friends, family and my dog.

Q:How can people contact you if their interested in booking you for more work?
A: I’m on twitter @ima_bad_bitchx3 you can also email master moo the CEO of maryjane models at MASTERMOOMJMODELS@GMAIL.COM or visit the website maryjaneenterprises.com to book myself or any of the other girls. There you can also see any upcoming events that we have including our model mayhem event that’s going down in August in negril Jamaica [hedonism 2 resort]. I also have a model mayhem account Facebook account and can be emailed at its_Rocsi@ymail.com


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