Hip Hop Artists Perform At KUSH EXPO 2015 Raising Marijuana Funds For Patients Battling Lupus

Hip Hop Artists Perform At KUSH EXPO 2015 Raising Marijuana Funds For Patients Battling Lupus

Los Angeles- The allure of a single plant causes governments to be questioned while giving others rights to an age old freedom, without persecution. In the liberal state of California where many laws surrounding Marijuana rely on leniency rather than reform. Dispensaries, expos and conventions have been appearing inadvertently to the public for the last 12 years. Creating an open and abundant industry for those with medicinal licenses. While Freedom torches aren’t the only thing being “Lit”. There seems to be a natural comradery for musicians partnering with the Marijuana culture, sharing the struggle as one in the same. Many entrepreneurs and business owners have seen convenience in California’s “Weed Market” and have taken the opportunity to help expand the culture.

The New Era 420 Network isn’t just interested in blowing smoke. Over the past week they created California’s first Annual Kush Expo at club 333 Live focused on fund raising. A Los Angeles based Cannabis convention, surrounding comedy, music, food, marijuana showcasing, competition along with education and awareness. The New Era 420 group created the event as one of the first efforts in fighting towards an effective treatment for those suffering from Lupus. Bernard managing partner of New Era said; “Our agency is comprised of experienced attorneys dedicated to the rights of medical marijuana patients, collectives, doctors and growers. A large portion of the proceeds is being donated towards “Miracles 4 Monica” a non-profit organization focused on treating patients diagnosed with the disease. The Kush Expo was strategically created additionally as an effort to help educate the public on patients who benefit from the legalization of marijuana.

Many musical guests were set to perform and make appearances. New Era took it upon themselves to incorporate a lot of established and rising Hip Hop talent. As an effort to spread awareness through music, Webbie joined forces with New Era for his single release party featuring Snoop. Among others were Kendrick Lamar’s T.D.E affiliate “Legend”, rapping with a witted lyrical edge, magnetizing the half-baked crowd. The unexpected performance came from the West Coast Reggae artist “Babeeloc”. Founded by music Icon Jerry long aka “Kokane”. Babeeloc coined himself the pioneer of his genre, he captivated the crowd so well, he had been asked to host the rest of the event. Babeeloc was followed by the smooth melodic sound of R&B singer A1Krashn leveling out the ambiance, while smoke settled in the atmosphere.

Bernard with New Era 420 says they are far from over. With an upcoming event already planned in San Diego, Bernard sees a bright future ahead for 420 business supporters. New Era plans to invite growers from all over to showcase their “Buds”. Growers will be eligible to enter the next Platinum T.H.C Award Show, which will be geared towards finding who has the best medicinal product on the market. If you are interested in finding out more about New Era’s 420 movement

Go to newera420.com and find out what everyone’s up in smoke about now!!

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