Imperial Hustle Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Mic Myers | @mic_myers

Imperial Hustle Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Mic Myers

Imperial Hustle Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Mic Myers | @mic_myers

Imperial Hustle Entertainment Exclusive Interview With Mic Myers

1. Mic Myers (The Boogey Man),  How long have you been doing music and breakdown your style and sound?

I’ve been rapping a little over 15 years, but have only been putting out actual music about 4 years. My style is unique as it was heavily influenced by Jazz, Classic Rock, Metal and even a little classic country, even though hip hip clearly won the war over my soul. Growing up I never learned any instruments despite the interest. Eventually I learned to use my vocals and rap music or hip hop provided me that outlet and or ability. My style is like a fucked up blend of Rob Zombie, Tupac, The Game, Snoop, Big L, Tech N9ne, Michael Myers, Anne Frank, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Queen, Outkast, Slayer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Mobb Deep, DMX, Kurupt, Johnny Cash, and Charles Manson. Musically the sound is truly unique, from the unorthodox instrumentals and sections, to the captivating vocals and intrinsic and archaic rhyme schemes laden with layers of entendre fueled with deep feeling and passion and to the multiple deliveries and patterns I exhibit.  “Dance with me”

2. Mic Myers (The Boogey Man), what made you start doing music and what part do you play in the Arizona Hip Hop Scene?

From the moment I heard hip hop I was hooked, it was like Heroin. From Naught By Nature to Kiss Kross to Snoop and Dre, the casket was sealed and this was my love. It molded me as a human being and the person I am today. I used to try and rap to the pictures of the gods in the posters on my wall, dreaming that one day I could do what they do or did. It was like they were watching me, so I had to come correct. Music as a whole isn’t in my bloodlines on either side, but I caught the virus and was infected as a child. I used to steal tapes from my aunt, because my parents didn’t want me listening to “rap” not knowing I would one day build my life around it. I’ve spent my life working for the man, I’m trying to work for me now. I have big plans for the future with music and the business as a whole, restaurants, clothing, horror movies, video games and none of these dreams are possible or accessible at  a 9-5. Daddy got to make this shit crack, plus I can do it better!

3. Mic Myers (The Boogey Man), what do you feel you bring different to the music industry that is not already there?

Most of all my content, this shit I’m doing is untapped. The horrorcore artists are married to that market, the trap artists are married to that market and the conscious artists are married to that market and so forth. I don’t believe in pidgeonholding to anything in life, fuck that! My content alone consists of real everyday life shit that through one track or another will touch you. I can’t expect to have a reach beyond said markets only catering to them. I cater to masses in a way that others in perceived lane have not. I don’t rap about dead bodies, killing people, horror movies because that would only appeal to one crowd, so like I said I rap about LIFE and everything that consists of; the good, the bad and the ugly, yet I reference and cite things that appeal to various niche markets and crowds. Metal heads, juggalos, hip hop head that dissect every lyric, people who just want to groove to a hot beat and a catchy hook, the ladies that want to be rapped to etc. I do this, I does than man! I am doing to hip hop with horror, the darkness, the macabre and the abstract what Wu Tang did with Shaolin Culture and what Rob Zombie did to heavy metal.

4. Mic Myers (The Boogey Man), “The Night He Came Home” is the name of the album. What is the concept of the project and what do you feel this project will do for your brand and career? 

The concept I got from the original Halloween film by John Carpenter. The catch phrase for the movement was The Night He Came Home. As the franchised evolved for better or worse until Rob Zombie rescued it in my opinion it she’d light on the curse of Michael Myers. Throughout the saga “The Boogeyman” was on a mission to destroy the evil that drove him off the deep end so to speak, being fueled by an internal rage and being possessed by the curse of the thorn, Michael was the perfect host for the force that drove him. The Night He Came Home was the moment he chose to strike and in his min set things right and that’s where I come in. I am proud to have lived as long as hip hip has been alive and to have been raised by the gods of what I call the golden era. The rap industry or game if you will is my home and I’m displeased with the mess that many have made over time. We as a culture have steered away from its core principals and or fundamentals in my opinion. I’m all for evolution, but things fly now days that regardless of time are just not acceptable in my opinion and in no way shape or form a representation of what the founding fathers built and I intend on preserving it. This album was intended to raise the bar for artists, sonically, lyrically, musically and artistically. I’m on some you must be this tall to ride this ride shit and am here to clean my house and in the process kill off that weak shit. THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME is a warning shot to those too comfortable conforming and finding complacency with sounded like the next guy or doing the bare minimum to get on. “The nightmare has only just begun”.

5. Mic Myers (The Boogey Man), where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself having financial freedom. I’ll be living off of my music alone within 18 months, I may not be wealthy by then perse. But as long as we’re eating and I’m working for me and us I’m okay with that. I’m planning on touring the states in my tricked out ice cream truck like a creep and helping evolve Deep Roots Studios along with our in house production company The Super Audio Bros. in to our own independent record label. I also plan on hitting the Czech Republic and Japan in the next year, they love me. Although I’m being facetious right now, I’m waiting for the phone call from Strange Music so we can take all of this to the next level. In a nutshell, I see a compound in Sedona, an empire for my people and better hip hop across the board not just from my family tree and hopefully I can rescue some kids  and people going through it the way I was rescued by hip hop and music itself, Deep Roots!

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