Imperial Hustle New Exclusive Interview With YFXBS | @FTS_MusicGroup

Imperial Hustle New Exclusive Interview With YFXBS

Imperial Hustle New Exclusive Interview With YFXBS | @FTS_MusicGroup

Imperial Hustle New Exclusive Interview With YFXBS

1. YFXBS, how long have you been doing music?

The length of my musical career or artistry, as some would say, started way before I could possibly remember, in my opinion. I come from a very musically inclined city, born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and family, where my mother and two sibling brothers pursued all musical careers for a length of time, so I’ve always been around or into different aspects of music since a youngster.

2. YFXBS, What do you feel you bring different to the music industry?

I hear that question often, “what do you feel or you bring different to the industry”, my response, I’m not here to make a difference in the industry, the term “different” is more cliché than its true value of definition, so with that being said, I feel I give to the people a perspective of Music, Poetry, and life with my own personality twist to it.

3. YFXBS, what was the concept behind the FRESHMAN EP and how long did it take you to record this project?

The concept behind “FRESHMAN the EP” simply came from a series of events and situations pertaining to my life, as of current, that were similar to mine, of my days in HighSchool, where I was a student athlete.
Being fresh to the music scene reminded me much of my days as a freshman, trying to make it to that varsity level of football, which I did my sophomore year, and just “be that guy” as the homies would say. The project took me solely a year and a half to complete with the help of super producers, Nate Lewis, PVNDV Mvn, Supa Dezzy, & AJ Lives. Constructing a project, of quality, in my perspective, takes approximately around at least 7 month of recording time put into a project, then you have your other procedures and methods to proceeding and producing a quality production.

4. YFXBS, what is your favorite song off the project, and why?

All my songs are pretty solid with me but having to narrow it down, I’d say “How I Feel” was my more relative or closer song to how I felt at the time of recording. A number of issues were going on at the time, so it’s just one of those songs where you just have to go in the studio and just spit how you feel.
So, yea “How I Feel” is my song of choice.

5. YFXBS, what is the hardest thing to deal with in this music game?

My hardest thing is, trying to stay patient with knowing your time will come when it comes. I really don’t pay much attention to much media and irrelevant substance. I’m an introvert naturally, and when I’m involving my time with music, it really brings out the introversive side where I really focus my attention into my craft, other than that nothing too overbearing I’ve encountered, yet.

6. YFXBS, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“5 years, geez, hopefully not in the same spot I’m in now lol, but nah”. In a 5 year life prediction, I’d probably say, of course further my music artistry, but I also am the  marketing/sales manager for 1st&26th Lifestyle Brand (www.1st&26th.com) and a co-owner of Perspective Elegance Array (www.pearrybigcartel.com), so in 5 years I plan to have both these upcoming corporations equivalent, if not higher to my status of music.

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