Independent Radio Show, The Rhythmic Lounge, For Urban Entertainment.

Independent Radio Show, The Rhythmic Lounge, For Urban Entertainment.


“The Rhythmic Lounge” website was created by Chantel Atkins in order to open the doors for talented people in all areas of music, art and entertainment. This site allows members to display their talents and creative abilities and share them with the world, through the use of music, audio, beats, written materials, videos, pictures and more!  The Rhythmic Lounge takes a non-discriminating approach to providing endless opportunities to those involved in any aspect of the entertainment world. This is the place for all artists / musicians / writers / bands / poets / comedians / models / actors / actresses / lyricists / photographers / djs and more. If you want to be noticed, this is the place to be!

Also make sure to check out “The Rhythmic Lounge” radio, streaming music 24/7 from members of the site. We have a steady listener-base from all over the world and are receiving a lot of positive feedback and exposure with the website and radio.

The way that indie artists can improve their interaction with the music industry is by “Industry Saturation.” Indie artists make up a large part of up and coming music and it’s very important that they get involved as much as possible and promote themselves throughout the industry and available networks. The Rhythmic Lounge is a great place for them to do that!

Benefits of being a member include…

–         You have unlimited space to upload photos, videos, audio files and documents.

–         You can create unlimited blogs, announcing anything you’d like others to know and create statuses to keep people in the loop with what you are currently doing.

–         We can make you 1 of the “Featured Members” that we promote weekly on the Home page of the website.

–         You can get a full-feature spot in our “Latest News” section of the website for all visitors to see. We may choose to interview you, feature one of your videos, and we can even do a full spread of you and what you do. You many also submit any upcoming events or new release info that you’d like us to promote as well.

–         You can submit songs to us that you’d like us to take a listen to, and they may be added to the regularly scheduled playlist for “The Rhythmic Lounge” radio.

–         You can enter in the free monthly raffle to win great prizes.

–         You can network with the many other talented members we have on the website.

–         You will have direct access to all of the great contests and events that we have going on.


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