New Music: J. Ames – Water Featuring DeadBeat | @TruJ_Am3s

New Music: J. Ames – Water Featuring DeadBeat | @TruJ_Am3s

New Music: J. Ames – Water Featuring DeadBeat

“It starts with an endless passion for music, for discovery, for people, for life.” – J. Ames 
J. Ames’ captivating new singles “Water” featuring Deadbeat and “Who” by collaborating artists B.A.$.H & Jun!or are quickly gaining a big buzz around the west coast.  These self-produced jewels will soon be available on all major online stores, given to us by J. Ames’ imprint, “i3 Music 
Group.” In the wake of his mixtape “The Rhythm & Hop Project (hosted by DJ Papito), J. Ames has definitely given us something to keep looking forward too. “Who” is a story
of love lost. It explores the devotion of a man to a woman who fails to appreciate him and leaves him behind…in the end he left to question her as to who will do for her what he has?
J. Ames has been pushing musical boundaries all of his life. Growing up in Seattle, WA with today’s old school hip hop being new at that time, along with R&B hitting the charts
hard in the 90’s, it was natural for Ames to pick up the music bug. At a young age, He began honing his songwriting craft in both hip hop and R n B. Songwriting soon turned into producing
which then became audio engineering. A Jack of a few trades, J. Ames pumped out a lot of work for not only himself, but many other independent artists and hopes to work with many more in the future. Each new project is a testament
to nothing and no one stopping him from achieving his dreams.
“He brings the characteristics of an unstoppable rapper to the table in every track. N8BEATS, MAKEYOURHIT.COM, says, about J. Ames’ lyrical style, “Your vocal tone is dope.
Your accent, lyrics and swag are your highest qualities. It seems that lots of artists these days don’t have that grimy vibe that 90’s music had. You have an element of that.”
J. Ames upcoming E.P. “Meditation” dropping the first quarter of 2017 will be nothing short of incredible and surely surpass every expectation. Everything J. Ames does seems to be a tribute to the path God has given him. Constantly seeking new artists to collaborate with and create new opportunities to perfect his craft, he strives to make himself a household name.
Ladies and Gentlemen… J. Ames
“I created Rhythm & Hop to change the rules. Music is a passion that for me never dies. As I find new ways to showcase my creativity, it grows 
stronger every day.”- J. Ames 
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