Video: K Mex – Push It Featuring El Rey De La Disco

Video: K Mex - Push It Featuring El Rey De La Disco

Video: K Mex – Push It Featuring El Rey De La Disco

Video: K Mex – Push It Featuring El Rey De La Disco

Tour Dates:
Las Palmas W/ Phora (Los Angeles) September 6th
Viper Room (Hollywood) September 16th

K Mex’s Bio:
In an industry overwhelmed with emcees pretending to be musicians and bubble-gum artists, true talent has become a rarity. Hip Hop has always been recognized as a creative outlet, capable of displaying the most passionate of expressions, however with the new wave of “unarmed rappers” with disappointing lyrical skill and content in addition to cookie cutter production and make believe affiliations, the game is on a serious decline.


Music finds serenity in the form of an “artist”. With the inability to be pigeon held as a Hip Hop or rap emcee, he simply makes dope music, period. The lyrically intense K-Mex was born into a rap scene divided between real Hip Hop and the commercial. Hailing from Guadalajara Mexico, Raised in NY and now residing in Los Angeles, K-Mex has been writing and putting tracks together in English and Spanish since his early teens, with major focus on his last few years of being a complete artist. He credits artist of all genres as his influencing forces and you can hear that through his sound and songwriting. 
With his live band, K-Mex has performed all over the NY and Los Angeles music scene with impressive flair and passionate artistry. After releasing over a dozen mixtapes, his 2007 release of “What You See” is a coming of age tale, which shows the transition from a freestyle emcee to a songwriter. All music (not just Hip Hop) is about forward progression and between “What you See” to His 2009 Spanish collaboration album “El Clasico” to his following release of “The Prequel” in 2012. The current Los Angeles resident, has been one of the top growing artists in the LA area, gaining radio play for his popular single “Dying to see you”,  leading to Major Label attention from Warner Music Group, Universal, and Capitol Records, and recently laying a track down for the LA Dodgers. 
 2015 has proven to be a milestone year for K-Mex as his fans anxiously awaited the recently released “Beautiful Anger” Album. This was also a heavy year of touring for K-Mex as he shared the stage with acts such as “Juicy J”, “BadFish”, “Warren G”, Rittz”, “Crooked I”, “Joell Ortiz” and many more. With a Brand new album, music video releases and FM radio play of his New single “Push It”, It is no doubt going to be a busy yr for the prolific MC. 


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