New Music: King Co – Red Light Green Light Produced By Swiffy Beats | @kingco915

New Music: King Co – Red Light Green Light Produced By Swiffy Beats | @kingco915

New Music: King Co – Red Light Green Light Produced By Swiffy Beats

What do you get when you mix the distinguished baritone voice and ingenious lyricism of the Notorious BIG with the raw beats of southern hip-hop? Answer: King Co! A love of music and poetry as a child is what inspired Mikel Brown Jr. to pursue a career in the music industry. Bringing a fresh face and a much desired new sound to the industry, King Co has made a name for himself in the Texas underground hip-hop world which has given rise to artist such as Chamillionaire, DJ Screw, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, UGK and Scarface just to name a few. The buzz around him seems to be primarily focused on his brainy lyrics, saavy wordplay and catchy hooks in his rhymes. What makes him really unique however, is his unparalleled ability to rap in a variety of different styles. Whether he’s battling other rappers on the underground scene or trap rapping by his Texas roots or laying down a hook over an R&B hit, King Co has no problem showing off his diversified skill set. He just released his newest album entitled M.C.D.G. Underground Vol.1 in September 2015. His mixtape, If you’re Listening, I just Ate Drake’s Album, which was released in 2014 at South by Southwest (SxSW) via Mixtapez App saw over 50,000 downloads! He has currently released his follow-up mixtape, Texas Muthaf***a That’s Where I’m Stay, a screwed & chopped mixtape with Swisha House Houston Legend DJ OG Ron C. He was the opening artist at Fader Fort at the 2014 SxSW show. Additionally, he has opened up for established rappers such as T.I., Slim Thug, Lil Scrappy, Young Dro and Lil Keke. He has worked with producers such as Kids with Machine Guns, Max Methods, Swiffy Beats and Knucklehead. The results come in the form of an ever growing fan base with over 60,000 active social media followers and counting. After years of grinding it out in the underground Texas scene, he is now ready to take his talents to the big leagues and show off what he’s got on a national and hopefully global scale. It’s hard to miss the 6’7” 300lbs El Paso, Texas by way of Houston native who is appropriately often referred to as “The Biggie of the South.” Let’s just hope the music industry takes notice as well.


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