Live Eazy-E Tribute by West Coast Legends

Live Eazy-E Tribute by West Coast Legends

Last Friday, September 6th Malone’s in Santa Ana held a live music performance in honor of Easy-E and his contribution to west coast hip hop. Celebrating Easy-E’s birthday and the pioneer of the Gangsta Rap era, legends had come out to perform in his name.  Our imperial Hustle Team had attended the event on behalf of our publication The Resource Magazine where we were able to catch exclusive footage with these artists.  The line up from the OG’s included Big Hutch, Kokane and BG Knockout performing some of his biggest hits including “We Want Easy”. Easy-E was represented by his youngest son Lil Easy and his older siblings. The show also had many local acts and a networking mixer where fans had a chance to engage with the artists and get pictures as well. All in all this is proof that Hip Hop aint dead, it’s just looking for something pure. When the right acts are available, even in the most rural areas the fans will show.

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