Lookout for upcoming Emerson Windy Interview with The Resource Magazine

Lookout for upcoming Emerson Windy Interview with The Resource Magazine

We got to touch base with Emerson Windy for The Resource Magazine, Oceanside’s very own. He dropped alot of game that will be good for alot of aspiring artists to be able to take something away from it. Please stay on the look out for it coming up in the next issue. We also chop it up about the album, some of the thoughts behind the album, ” The Windy Experience and the new album dropping for next year. Stay connected, for all our Windians out their.


ceo mogul for pearl harbor entertainment.
rapper.  producer.  writer.  engineer.
handsome face.  sharp mind.
the world is ready…

awww yeah… it’s such a beautiful day, right here in californ-i-a… in the 80s… when i was born… sunshine & palm trees, oceansideto be exact.

blessed from the start with a hustler’s ambition and 6th sense for success, as little e. windy i dominated the classroom (to make my mama proud!), all sports, and playground schmooze with the pretty ladies… i work hard & play harder, always have, and that includes my music & studio time.  Whatever i do, i do it with excellenceand have dedicated countless hours to my art.  around the age of 21 i found my way to music, and because of the financial succe$$ of my other “entreprenurial” career path i was able to lay the foundation of ricochet records – which you all know today as my label, pearl harbor entertainment.  first a ceo and producer, then writer, artist, and engineer, i can run all aspects of my company – shiny knobs to marketing, mics to contracts… developing each talent with both the dedicated focus i’ve maintained since my toddler days and specific projects with known names:  waka flocka flame, snoop dogg, three 6 mafia, kokane, glasses malone, wc, crooked i, lil niqo, tino cochino, tha realist, and many more…

at one point the lure & succe$$ of that other “entreprenurial career” (don’t ask – just buy the album and listen closely) took precedence, but an “unexpected turn of events” showed up (wearing yellow jackets), and became a blessing in disguise.  it brought me back to my music full time.  listen to the album and you’ll think, “and thank you, jesus!” – cuz, yes, it is that good!  haha!

enjoy it all… the production, writing, engineering, artistry, and tales are all mine – and given to you.  the emerson windy experienceis now yours, folks.  awww yeah!

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