Love & Hip Hop’s Hollywood Moniece Slaughter

Love & Hip Hop Moniece Slaughter

Love & Hip Hop’s Hollywood Moniece Slaughter

Love & Hip Hop’s Hollywood Moniece Slaughter

  1. Moniece Slaughter, How long have you been creating music and how does creating music make you feel emotionally?


I’ve been creating music since I was 16yrs old. That was when I decided to choose music as my career path. creating music is always an emotional release for me no matter how happy or sad I’m feeling on any given day.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, breakdown the style and sound of music that you create?


I create all genres of music. My dad made sure I had an appreciation and understanding of all types of music. He wanted to make sure I was well versed.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, you have a single out right now called “Riches.” what is the concept behind that record?


The concept behind riches is that no matter what a man has, means nothing to me. He could lose it all in the blink of an eye and it wouldn’t make a difference to me. I wouldn’t love and or support him or his dreams any less. Riches and material things have never been a driving force for me in any relationship.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, how did “Riches” come about and how long did it take you to record this record?


Riches was inspired by my relationship to my ex Rich Dollaz. At the time he made me feel emotionally safe enough to reevaluate the things I’d always said I didn’t want out of a relationship. it took me about 3 days to complete riches. One day to create the track. One day to write & demo it. And one day to perfect it.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, what are the pro’s and con’s of doing Love and Hip Hop Hollywood?


The pros of being on the love & hip hop franchise is that if you’re talented, it’s a very useful platform.


The cons are that some of the best managers and their peers don’t want anything to do with the franchise because of the negativity they choose to glorify. That makes it very hard to establish a strong team to take us to the next level. Regardless of our talent, no matter how undeniable.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, how has Love and Hip Hop helped your music career and your brand?


The franchise has helped me musically because I’m now able to reach the masses.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, what do you love the must about creating music?


I love the fact that I get to express myself through music when I’m sometimes too frustrated to do so through conversation.


  1. Moniece Slaughter, where would you like to be in the next 5 years?


In the next 5yrs I’d like to be on tour, I’d like to see my businesses flourishing, and I’d like to carry my own family spin off.

Love & Hip Hop's Hollywood Moniece Slaughter

Love & Hip Hop’s Hollywood Moniece Slaughter

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