(New Exclusive Interview) MedafOracle Talks Music With Imperial Hustle | @MedafOracle

(New Exclusive Interview) MedafOracle Talks Music With Imperial Hustle | @MedafOracle

(New Exclusive Interview) MedafOracle Talks Music With Imperial Hustle

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1. How Long have you been doing music professionally?

I’ve been doing music for about 20 years but professionally about 15 years.

2. Breakdown the type of music that you create?

I’m a very diverse dude and can create any type and always try to change my sound each project I release. If I had to simplify it, I would say I create thought provoking music off raw emotion.

3. The title of your new video is Ventilation which was produced by Tone Jonez. How did this record come about and what does the record mean to you?

This record is very close to me (like most). Everything in it is true. My father was murdered at age ten so I touch on that as well as the effect it had on my mother having to raise 3 children alone. I had to grow up fast because of that so I never got the chance to vent on this subject as a child.

4. How often do you work with Tone Jonez and what was the first record did you guys record?

I’ve gotten a few beats from Tone but this is the only record I actually recorded. I still plan to continue to work with him and utilize the other production I have of his as well.

5. You are from NYC. What made you move to Arizona and what part do you play within the Arizona Hip Hop scene?

I actually didn’t plan to move to Arizona, it just kinda happened because of my job at that time. I try not to pay attention too much to what part I play in the “Arizona” Hip Hop scene more than the part I play in music and our Hip Hop culture in general. Music is universal and extends past my current residential state so I just create to touch those who listen.

6. Your album Made In America drops on 12/12/2016. What do you feel it will bring to the music industry that is not already there?

Aside of dialog, debates, emotion and understanding; I believe it will bring truth and lyrics to the industry. Both are missing in today’s music. I believe this album will bring a lot of truth out, being good or bad truth; it’ll still surface from this project.

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