MixTape: EL Jay – Red Diary | @THEREALELJAY

MixTape: EL Jay – Red Diary | @THEREALELJAY

MixTape: EL Jay – Red Diary

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EL-JAYwas born in Northridge, California. EL-JAY is the oldest of three children—a natural born leader. He is the son of multi-platinum artist, Rome, whose big hit was “I Belong to You”. Entertaining and music has always been present in EL-JAY’s life. He began to show an interest in entertainment and music at a very young age, even before watching his father Rome. EL-JAY taught himself how to dance at the tender age of five years old. Michael Jackson was a huge inspiration in EL-JAY’s life as he began mimicking Michael’s every move and entertaining others with his adaptation of this well-known artist. That was the beginning of EL-JAY’s talents, potentialand creativity; truly a raw talent and a true natural. EL-JAY had the opportunity to sing on Rome’s independent album “To the Highest”, as well as appear in his dad’s “People of This World” video. He was also an actor and model at a very young age; and considers writer/producer/director, Tyler Perry a huge motivation to his entertainment career. During his middle and high school years, EL-JAY’s physique began to stretch and so did his talents and abilities as he began to break off into playing sports (which he excelled in) and put music on hold. EL-JAY was drawn back to his roots after his first year of college and began singing, writing, acting, modeling and dancing again. People are drawn to EL-JAY’s delightfully charming personality as well as to his many talents with effective communication being one of his strongest qualities. EL-JAY’s mother, who has always appreciated her son’s personality and character, recognized his multi-talents from the time he was a young child. She supports EL-JAY in higher education and in his giftedness as a singer, actor, writer and model. She has also helped to shape his character and has always been a tremendous influence and grounding in his life. EL-JAY’s childhood and teen years were peppered with a number of up and down challenges that have helped to shape him into an extraordinary young man. EL-JAY is thankful to God for His love, guidance and protection; and for the ongoing love and support he has received from his family. EL-JAY’s self-motivation, determination, energy and focus matured after his first year of college as the early childhooddisplay of his raw talents had become more refined and were gaining the attention of those in the film and television industries. EL-JAY has made several studio audience appearances on the popular NBC game show Minute to Win It. He has also made appearances in a couple of short films directed by Adam Paul Rodriguez. The progression of EL-JAY’s talents and abilities quickly landed him appearances in several major Disney television shows: Sonny with a Chance, Hannah Montana, along with Zeek and Luther. EL-JAY’s goal is to broaden his talents in the film industry and to reach the Y-generation as well as the global world with positive music.
EL-JAY’s newest single, “Casanova”, produced by the Mojave Group, is available oniTunes and brews up a powerful sonic blend that can best be described as Urban Popwith an R&B Soulful Twist! The EP entitled, “The Journey” is scheduled for release first quarter 2016.
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