MJ’s Banned In The U.S. Version Of “THEY Dont Really Care About US”

MJ’s Banned In The U.S. Version Of “THEY Dont Really Care About US”

This Michael Jackson video,”They Don’t Care About Us”, was banned by the corporate controlled music industry. Michael had to make a new version in Brazil without showing the The Elite leaders violence that is spreading over the globe.

[youtube id=”djfaP8WyLUI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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Before his MURDER, Michael Jackson had been very outspoken about the injustices of the music Industry towards their artists. He stated very clearly in several press conferences that there was a conspiracy to destroy his image. His songs and videos are full of symbolism and he talks openly about the secret society control over the music industry. There’s evidence to suggest that he was murdered by the elitists. On his London tour called “This Is It”, some say Michael was planning to expose the shadow governments plot to depopulate the world. He planned to reveal what he knew about their plans for 2012.


Michael’s older sister, Latoya Jackson, told London’s Mail On Sunday that she feared Michael was killed by “greedy hangers-on” who preyed on the star: “I thought Michael was going to die before the London shows because he was surrounded by people who didn’t have his best interests at heart. “Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, appearing in a Dateline NBC special to mark the first anniversary of her son’s death, told the network that her late son was in constant fear that “mean, evil, vicious” people were out to kill him. “He told me several times that he felt that people wanted him gone, wanted him dead,”Katherine told NBC’s Sonia Lowe.

Who are the “people” Michael was referring to?

Not “Conrad Murray.”

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