Mozzy – Who Am I

Mozzy – Who Am I


Since Kendrick Lamar gave him a televised shoutout at the Grammy Awards, Sacramento rapper Mozzy has been riding a momentous wave. Inspiring countless youths to put down the double cup, the now-lean-free rapper recently dropped off a new EP by the name of Spiritual Conversations. Imbued with west coast flavor and genuine soulful wisdom, Mozzy’s latest is a mature and nuanced release. Penultimate cut “Who Am I” emerges as a diamond in the rough; while not quite as immediate as Snoop Dogg‘s banger of the same name, Mozzy’s rendition finds the rapper looking inward.

Grams tried to give me allowance to do the dishes,” reflects Mozzy. “N***a said fuck all that, started grippin’.” The track comes as close to autobiography as Spiritual Conversation provides, and the mournful guitar-driven backdrop from Sorry Jaynari is the essential backdrop. Be sure to give this one a listen, and support Mozzy by checking out his full EP.



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