New MixTape: Sky Hii – Philosopher Stoned

Sky Hii – Philosopher Stoned

New MixTape: Sky Hii – Philosopher Stoned

New MixTape: Sky Hii – Philosopher Stoned

With in an incredible clairvoyance and a brilliant musical geniosity, Hip Hop philosopher Sky Hii delivers bar after bar of enlightened, lyrical madness with his latest mixtape Philosopher Stoned…on wheels.

Growing up in South St. Louis city, Sky Hii learned to be independent at an early age; leaving home at 17 to pursue his path to enlightenment. It was then that he began to refine his musical voice and discovered the power behind the symbolism in his writing. But as Sky Hii’s passion blossomed, disaster struck and, two weeks before his 22nd birthday, a stack of weights fell on his back at the gym; stripping him of his ability to walk for the rest of his life.

Eight years later, Sky Hii gives audiences Philosopher Stoned. A hidden gem amongst the stars, Sky Hii’sPhilosopher Stoned teleports listeners back to the classic days of feel good, backpack Hip Hop music; filled with banging beats, thought provoking metaphors and crazed lyricism!


Please Click Here to listen to Sky Hii’s latest mixtape Philosopher Stoned.

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