New Movie: Prey Before You Eat

New Movie: Prey Before You Eat

New Movie: Prey Before You Eat


Industry Unlocked is the brand that’s built to last and it has the film industry buzzing about the new movie “Prey Before You Eat“. The Executive Producers and writers Doc Holiday and Luc R. Stephen are a prime example of trend setters.

The film industry is a profession that most people automatically write off as impossible to get into however, Industry Unlocked did not let that stop them. It’s true that creative professions are tough to get into. Unlike our more business-minded counterparts, like accountants or lawyers (who know exactly what they have to do to be successful), the film industry has absolutely no guarantees and no clear checklist to victory. Film professionals are completely on their own when finding a path to success and it can be very intimidating, especially since no two career paths are alike. Industry Unlocked mission includes both motion picture films and television.

Luc R. Stephen has a theory on hard-to-break-into industries and that’s, the more competition the more saltiness; the more saltiness the more hopeless people feel; the more hopeless they feel the less they try; and the less they try the easier it is for a truly focused person to succeed. Doc Holiday honestly believes that the film industry has not become harder to break into, but easier. Through turmoil and mediocrity, quality individuals rise to the top and we consider “Industry Unlocked” a brand that brings forth positive energy and quality work.

Industry Unlocked beliefs on entering the film industry is to do it for the love of work instead of a need for money, you will have a greater advantage over most of your competition that way. When Doc Holiday was asked ,”Where do you see “Industry Unlocked” in the next five years…? “He said We envision a new film studio so we can expand to do more commercials and videos. We like to build our own sets and have the room to be more hands on with each individual project.  Industry Unlocked will own studio equipped with our own in-house editing rooms with  white room and green room, stage areas.  We are the new one-stop shop.

Luc R. Stephen went on to say, “I love the film industry because it behaves like a miniature, super-charged economy. Because film professionals are independent contractors and film projects only last three months to a year at a time, this industry is in a constant state of flux. Each movie is an entrepreneurial venture with so much motion and turmoil, things tend to happen at light speed. Success in the film industry can happen almost overnight compared to the overall economy. Creativity is not enough to make it. You have to be an entrepreneur. This means that you have to learn some business skills to put your ideas to work. Entrepreneurs have learned to master the creative/logical duality in their own minds. Creative people are amazing idea generators, but tend to lack in logical skills like decisiveness, persistence, and follow-through. Being consistent in follow through is everything.

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