New Music: Connor Ray – Lil Bam Bam | @connorraylive

New Music: Connor Ray – Lil Bam Bam | @connorraylive

New Music: Connor Ray – Lil Bam Bam

In 2015 Connor Ray did the unimaginable; After garnering major attention in the rap game,  he turned his back in the music industry refusing to compromise his creativity or integrity.  In 2016 the Denver Colorado native has returned to the industry on his own terms with a track entitled “Lil Bam Bam” the first single off his self produced independent EP project symbolically called “Worth It.”  With his return to music Connor Ray feels his songwriting and Production skills have improved dramatically over the last year and a half. Earlier this year Connor Ray released two songs “Stingy Luv” followed by “Eye Suffice” both songs showcase Connor Ray’s intelligent wordplay and heartfelt flow.

On his latest track “Lil Bam Bam” Connor Ray hits on many topics and metaphors as he struggles with a world gone crazy rebelling against his desire succeed and express his creativity through music while touching on police brutality and injustice. Connor Rays vocal delivery on “Lil Bam Bam” is from his heart with thought provoking lyrics providing melody over a sparse free flowing beat.

Connor Ray’s “Worth It”  EP has the potential be a game changer giving artist inspiration to express themselves and be who they really are undefined by trends. Connor Ray’s “Worth It”  EP Fully available December 16th 2016.

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Lil Bam Bam by Connor Ray

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