Kareem Williams aka Lefty with Tammy Rose on “Obsessed Trial Watchers”

Kareem Williams aka Lefty with Tammy Rose on “Obsessed Trial Watchers”

News reporter Tammy Rose is producing a show called “Obsessed Trial Watchers”

she has grabbed Philly Rapper Lefty aka Kareem Williams to star in this Web Series/ Reality TV Show. Tammy Rose, who is a well-respected news reporter in the Phoenix area. Owns a production company called Chopper Rose Production.

This show “Obsessed Trial Watchers” is based around high-profile trials that are going on in the Phoenix, Arizona marketplace. Tammy gets the opinions of trial watchers and news experts that are covering the trial. (Now it makes sense, why I see Jodi Arias all over Real Entertainment News)

Kareem Williams has stated that this lady is “the Oprah Winfrey of trial reporting.”

That is a big statement coming from the South Philly rapper/Celebrity Blogger/Celebrity Interviewer. He has got to have a lot of respect for this woman! Because that would be some really big shoes to fill.

This should be a great move for the Philadelphia native, who now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out the super trailer for this show and comment on how you feel about it.

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