Online Ads

Online Ads

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Zone definitions:

  1. Leaderboard Ad: Ad appears at the top of every single page of the site.
  2. Pop-Under Ad: This Ad appears right below the feature articles on the main page.
  3. Medium Rectangle Ad: This ad appears on the side bar of the website on every page.
  4. Vertical Rectangle Ad: this ad appears on the side bar of home page.

We are not currently offering all the below zones, so not all are applicable.

File:Standard web banner ad sizes.svg

Note: All purchases are final and nonrefundable, please make sure you purchase the ad you want. If you’d like to make changes like banner images that’s no problem, just send us the new banner image and we’ll change it. Your ad will be in rotation with 2 other ads if they’re any other active advertisers. If your the only advertiser then your ad will rotate with network ads on a 1:1 ratio, so for every 2 page views your ad will your ad will display onc

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