Our Interview with Andrea Marie

Our Interview with Andrea Marie


1. I started modeling 3 years ago in 2008. I began with a Myspace page, then learned about Model Mayhem. After that I just networked my butt off! Soon I linked up with some of the big name photographers in the Urban Modeling game, and the rest is history.

2. I aim towards the Urban Glamour industry, but really I’m open to any glamour work. Lingerie and swimwear are my favs, but I also appreciate art and fashion.

3. I’m Italian and Sicilian.

4. I would have to say all of my accomplishments have been great, but my most proud moment has to be my very first print feature in “FBM”. It was just surreal to be able to show all my actual pics to family and friends, instead of being just a fan or reader of the magazine.

5. This industry is so damn cut throat. It’s all about politics. Who you know, who you hang with, who you shoot with! It gets overwhelming at times, but that’s why I choose to keep a small circle, so I don’t have to worry about all that mess all the time.

6. My drive and motivation come purely from self satisfaction. I love being on the set of a shoot getting all dolled up for the camera. It’s what I live for.

7. The most important thing I learned is that no matter how much these females smile in your face, they’ll be just as quick to stab you in the back and try to take your spot. It hurt a lot at first, but I guess that’s the way it is in this type of industry.

8. I don’t think I have any unusual talents, but I am very talented in doing make-up. I’ve done all my own make-up for my photo shoots for the past three years.

9. Because all people are different, everyone has there own thing they have to work on. My key thing would have to be facial expression. I am a very pretty girl, and I love looking in the mirror, but when it comes down to a photo shoot, and I don’t have that mirror in front of me, I sometimes freeze up and catch what they call the “same face syndrome”. (Laughs) It’s hard for me to correct, but it’s something I’m always working on. Every photographer I shoot with tells me it has to be from being nervous.

10. I love back shots! Even though I’m more known as a boobie model, I just love my perfect lil booty.

11. I use to be a huge Internet junkie, but since the death of Myspace, I’ve been an Xbox 360 addict. I’m a serious gamer chick. Let’s Go!!! My Gamer tag: DNA1014

12. My biggest attraction is great hygiene. A fresh haircut, clean bright smile, and the way he smells. I’m not talking about cologne either, I’m talking about the bodies natural pheromones. That’s a HUGE turn-on for me!

13. Wow, anywhere in the world, huh? I want to say Italy really bad, but I’ve never actually been there. So I guess I’d have to say South Beach Miami. I’m in love with the intense nightlife and bright sunny weather. My fav vacay destination 🙂

14. I’d want to stop teen pregnancy. I am so against “Babies having Babies”. It breaks my heart because statistically more than half of these children will grow up in a broken home. Young people need to have an education and have a stable lifestyle before bringing another life into this world.

15. For Bookings, Please contact: ANDREAMARIEBOOKING@GMAIL.COM

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ANDREAMARIEXOXO
Myspace: www.myspace.com/ITALIANDIMEPIECE
Youtube: www.youtube.com/ITALIANDIMEPIECE
Ustream: www.ustream.com/channel/ANDREA-MARIE
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OFFICIALITALIANDIMEPIECE

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