Track: Philonius Phunk – PhunkoLand | @PhiloniusPhunk

Track: Philonius Phunk – PhunkoLand | @PhiloniusPhunk

Track: Philonius Phunk – PhunkoLand

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Philonius Phunk, the newest nerdcore producer and artist, drops a free album called PhunkoLand.  Playing off his name and the defunct video game store, this gamer-centric album features a large cast of upcoming nerdcore emcees like Tekforce, Twill Distilled, The Last WordBenders, backed by video game hip-hop remixes produced by Philonius Phunk himself.  PhunkoLand takes a trip from old school boom-bap tracks like “Itasha Cadillac” featuring Ish1da, to new school trap hits like “Mod Massacre” and “Welcome to PhunkoLand” with FrivilousShara.  If you want beat knocking jams with nostalgic gaming themes, PhunkoLand is your one stop shop!

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