New Music: Poke Chop – No Swine | @senseichop

New Music: Poke Chop – No Swine | @senseichop

New Music: Poke Chop – No Swine

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Atlanta Native Poke Chop releases his new mixtape “No Swine” hosted by DJ Tone. The lyrical propensity Chop delivers is definitely an awe factor when listening to anything he creates. The ability to tell a story with rhythmic timing at any moment is an art form, one this lyricist has easily perfected. You could not be as versatile in music without a wide range of influences to help you in your development process. Chop credits artists ranging from Stone Temple Pilots to Tupac as musical motivation to create hit after hit.mThe diverse nature of his musical selection mirrors the diverse nature of his ultimate goal within this industry. “I want to help those with an idea that lack funding”, Chop expresses with an admiration for independent thinkers. His drive for music has created a lane to contribute to the world in a positive way. Be on the look out for Poke Chop in 2017
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