Video: Ra-sool – Stronger featuring Naomi produced by Osinachi | @rasoolthealpha

Ra-sool – Stronger featuring Naomi produced by Osinachi

Video: Ra-sool – Stronger featuring Naomi produced by Osinachi | @rasoolthealpha

Video: Ra-sool – Stronger featuring Naomi produced by Osinachi

The indie rapper known as Ra-Sool has released his new single, “Stronger,” feat. Naomi. The track has been proudly published on the Treyead Entertainment independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. Founded on a booming bass line, a rock-solid back beat and featuring brilliant vocals by Naomi, “Stronger” from Ra-Sool is a wake-up call for America shouted from the soul of the hip-hop underground.

Phoeniz, Arizona’s Ra-Sool blends qualities from many styles of music to achieve his characteristic sound. These include elements of hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, rock, and pop, each of which may be heard in his new “Stronger” single. The sheer force of the track may be felt in its first moments, before the song truly begins. The first lyrics both assert this strength and dedicate it to two recent martyrs of social injustice: “Trayvon, Mike Brown – rest in peace.”

This feeling builds to a crescendo over several extremely deliberate and well-written verses, each of which exhorts the listener to consider the history of oppressed Americans and to consider, also, that these tribulations have made African-Americans and the civil rights movement ever so much stronger.

Commenting on his new single, “Stronger,” Ra-Sool writes:

“People feel the echoes of today’s problems which turn into tomorrow’s future. Many livelihoods have been taken for granted leaving holes in the hearts of many. With the recent decision of the Michael Brown grand jury to not indict, I decided to bridge the gap with a song dedicated to Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and families abroad facing the same struggle.”

Ra-Sool’s song isn’t just art for the sake of awareness, however. It’s art for direct civic transformation.

“I am releasing this project not for profit, rather for creative activism to promote social change and inspiration across the African-American diaspora.”

It must not go unmentioned that the vocal work of featured singer Naomi on Ra-Sool’s new single is one of the track’s most prominent qualities. Exceptionally precise in terms of tone and bearing the natural grace that marks the world’s most gifted singers, Naomi brings a feminine power which pairs with Ra-Sool’s own measured aggression and makes the song a full and complete work of hip hop for the betterment of humanity.

“Stronger” by Ra-Sool is available online worldwide. Fans of hip hop and justice everywhere should definitely get in early.

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