Rev. Jesse Jackson Examines The Business Of Hip-Hop

Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson Examines The Business Of Hip-Hop

Rev. Jesse Jackson will examine the in’s and out’s Hip-Hop and business in panel of executives as the Civil Rights leader kicks off his Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit today in New York City.

The forum will examine the impact that Hip-Hop has had in business and also how many opportunities are overlooked by young people. It takes place at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan.

A statement says, “The Hip Hop business demographic is the one of the most coveted in the business industry and crosses all races, creeds, colors, and genders and is one of the most financially equitable markets in existence today. It has become ubiquitous and covers everything from food service, to the front end of blue chip, and high tech corporations worldwide, yet still remains a valuable tool for the small business entrepreneur.”

There will also be a supplementary event where participants can network and explore other opportunities in business.

Panelists include Londell McMillan of The Source Magazine, Harvey Butler of Butler Management Group, Martha Diaz of The Hip-Hop Education Center, Deborah A. Williams of Her Game 2, Craig Wilson, Founder National Museum of Hip Hop and others. The conversation will be hosted by Jineea Butler of the Hip Hop Union.

The rest of the Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit carries on through Friday February 1 and touts appearances from President Bill Clinton, Motown founder Berry Gordy, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael A, Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia, Jamie Foxx, Roberta Flack, Dionne Warwick and other “surprise guests.”

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