New Video: sKitz Kraven – Magic | @sKitzKraven

New Video: sKitz Kraven – Magic | @sKitzKraven

New Video: sKitz Kraven – Magic

You may know him as, “The Marilyn Manson Of Hip Hop”, “The Rapper With 1,000 Personalities”, or “The Artist Who Can Do It All” but whichever one you label him as, sKitz Kraven is becoming the top of a new generation in hip hop.
sKitz Kraven is not only bringing “Horrorcore” into the mainstream world with his dark lyrics and grimy sounds, but he is turning a lot of heads in the club scene as well. While the mainstream listeners are tuned in with his more popular club hits “Time Out” and “What You Wearin”, sKitz Kraven recently blessed us with his newest hit single, titled “Magic”. If it’s not the eerie sound of kids playing on a rusty jungle gym in the background, his violent lyrics in the first verse, or his explosive flow in the second verse, its the fact that “Magic” illuminates the strong reality of addiction. sKitz Kraven truly makes “evil” feel soo good.

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