Super Dope Artist On The Raise: Eddie Boy Phoenix | @magikgfx

Super Dope Artist On The Raise: Eddie Boy Phoenix | @magikgfx

Super Dope Artist On The Raise: Eddie Boy Phoenix

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Eddie Moreno, known by many as “Eddie Boy Phoenix”, the graphic designer.

My hometown is Phoenix, Arizona and I am a son of Mexican immigrants. I grew up in a broken home with domestic violence, drugs and alcoholism.  It was very hard for me to deal with as a young boy.  My only escape was a notebook and pencil. I drew to escape the reality of what was happening in our home.

The years went by, and when I was around 14 years old my parents finally got divorced.  But no matter what I was going thru, I kept my interests in art. When I started High school, I had picked up and art class, there I learned more about the forms of art and culture. Unfortunately, high school didn’t last that long for me. I started to experiment with drugs and alcohol with my friends. I dropped out.

My mother kicked me out of the house at 16 years and lived in between friends and family over the years. At that time I had to really focus on my living situation and school wasn’t an option at the time. I would do side jobs that paid under the table for while. When I was around 19 I started working at circle k, later realizing that I needed to get my sh*t together.  In 2003 I went back to school to become a certified nurses assistant and when I received my certification I started working in a nursing home right away. After a year of experience I applied at Level 1 trauma center in phoenix where I learned more than what I was taught about being a CNA. My future was in the medical field. In 2004 decided to take classes to obtain my GED to pursue a career as a registered nurse. That same year I bought my self a desktop computer so I can use for school.

When I wasn’t doing schoolwork or working at the hospital, I would to look into using my computer for creating artwork projects. I searched around for some drawing programs on the web and then it was when I found a program by adobe called Photoshop.  I had no idea that this program even existed or even what the capabilities were of this software. I saw many beautiful examples I searched on Google that pro designers created.  I found it to be very interesting. I started to experiment with it, even though I had no idea how to use the tools. But I was very eager to learn. On my downtime I would search tutorials and learn graphic design techniques.  It was my new hobby at the time.

4 years later I was still employed at the hospital and I was getting closer to my nursing degree and my photo shop creativity was expanding. Later my hobby became my mental therapy to help cope working in a surgical trauma unit. I witnessed a lot of bad injuries, and deaths. It really started to get to me.

In 2010, I suffered a nervous breakdown due to the trauma I seen at work over the years.  I was later diagnosed with PTSD and I was unable to go back to work. At the time I just had my newborn baby girl, and I was the only one providing for my family.  I fell into deep depression because of my uncontrollable severe panic attacks. I lost my job, my home, and my car. I lost everything…  Had to move in with my mother. I felt so embarrassed being a grown ass adult with a lady and kids and wasn’t able to work. My only hope at the time was my computer and photo shop.  So I used what I had learned about Photoshop and graphic design to make ends meet.  Had no idea how long I was able keep this up until I could get better. Just couldn’t let my family down. Each day I was learning new things, working on small projects for friends, and small businesses.  Thankfully I was able to get my family by. 2 years into photo shop my work had improved dramatically, and I was getting a steady workflow. But I needed something more so that we were able to live off my so-called job.  I then learned about photography, and like photo shop I put time and effort to learn a new trade.

In 2012 I met a music executive from an independent label, who introduced me to the music and entertainment industry. This music executive was former manager of a famous rapper Young Bleed who had the hit record “how you do that there “thatfeatured Master P.  We worked together for over a year. Within that time I met Marsha and Rampage from Flip mode Squad. We became great friends and business partners. They gave me a huge opportunity to share my talent with people who have tides in the music industry.  Since then I have met and worked with so many talented artists. This present day, I’ve was able to be part of a large campaign with one of their new signed artists Judge Da Boss who is signed with Sony Music/Louder than life. And because of that I was able to obtain a business account with Sony music. This summer of 2014, a pro sports agent who one of his clients was in need of my expertise contacted me. Today I’m working with a great company called Lace Clips that manufacture NBA licensed shoe clips for pro athletes and for the public. I’ve been traveling across the USA shooting photos of NBA players.

I am where I have never thought id be in million years. My work has been featured over seas in Europe, UK, Africa, and Middle East and across the USA. I’ve work with Sony Music, T-Pain, Judge Da Boss, Bernard James, Lance Stephenson, Sebastian Telfair, Rampage of course, Cappadona from Wutang, The Game, Wyclef, Haitian Fresh from Brick Squad Monopoly, Mc Magic, Krayzie Bone from Bone thugs, Xpoz Magazine, + more. I was even invited by good peoples Marshea and the camp to attend the BET awards in 2012. I continue to pursue my career as a professional graphic designer and photographer. I share my experiences with people on social media to encourage them to chase their dreams. I’m grateful and thankful for what God has blessed myself and my family.

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