This may be a really great opportunity for you and your music

This may be a really great opportunity for you and your music

The wave of the future is hear a mobile way for artist to step into the market to revolutionize their music.

Top 30 Artists needed for a for a iPhone Mobile Music Campaign!


SDN and MusicTray are coming with a new Mobile App out,  to help artist to market and promote their music. This App will function as your own own personal  mobile website that allows fans to view and listen to your music, but they cant copy it or steal it. If they want it, they have to purchase your Music!

 The App allows artists to see who is listening to your music, that way you can promote other music or even shows to that fan. The fan will also be able to leave comments and feedback.

Launch date is August, This will be the Featured Phone App of iPhone for the month. SDN is doing a million dollar ad campaign to promote the App. So, 30 artist will have the opportunity to be added to this promotional campaign. Fans will come to your music page and vote. Artists with the most Merit voted on by vans, will be on the radio, concert tour and television.




Get Profile Page Creation, Become A Top Featured Artist,  Launch of Mobile App Campaign,

 Featured for a month with iPhone App.

Register Your Spot: $100

email: info@koncentratemedia.com

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