Track: D-Edge – The Trueprint | @d_edge_xl

Track: D-Edge - The Trueprint

Track: D-Edge – The Trueprint | @d_edge_xl

Track: D-Edge – The Trueprint

D-Edge releases his new highly anticipated album “The Trueprint”. After releasing the first single “The Gawd” earlier this year to rave reviews, D-Edge has created a buzz worthy of listening to his new offering. It’s the first release since leaving Freddie Gibbs “ESGN Records” in 2012.


Songs like “Dive” and “Ratchetness” will have all club V.I.P. sections packed. “Necessary Evil” and “BP (Drillin’)” brings that energy that gets the listener “turnt,” but it’s songs like “Blue Lobsters” and “Masterclass,” where the Gary, Indiana rapper thrives and showcases his skills as an lyricist, as well as a producer.


Donning a white tux and black shirt, D-Edge said album artwork was inspired by one of the greatest albums and artist of all times. “I always wanted to be great like Michael Jackson,” says D-Edge. “Thriller is still one of my favorite albums of all time. I felt like “The Trueprint” was my “Thriller” so the artwork was paying homage and also celebrating the fact that we are both from Gary, Indiana.”


“The Trueprint” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify and several other downloading and streaming outlets. For those who would like hardcopies of the album, shoot over to www.d-edgemuzik.com to order, which comes with a link for download so you can still listen while you await your physical copy to arrive. You can stream the album at the link below.


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