Track: Moh Flow – IRTFY ( Drake’s Hotline Bling Cover) | @mohflowmusic

Track: Moh Flow – IRTFY ( Drake’s Hotline Bling Cover) | @mohflowmusic

Track: Moh Flow – IRTFY ( Drake’s Hotline Bling Cover)

I know when that hotline blings that it can only mean one thing… hip hop crooner and rap artist, Moh Flow covers Drake, Rihanna, and more with his latest drop, I Remixed This  For You.  The collection of five tracks steps it back from Moh’s usual flow and takes it easy remixing hits with his sexy style.  This latest effort is a collaboration with AY The Producer and is a part of their “Harmony Brothers” collective.. Moh Flow’s sultry take on Drake’s Hotline Bling and the whole project I Remixed This For You has reached 157,000 plays on Soundcloud and climbing. 

“The lyrics and songs are tight,” says Moh Flow.  “Drake’s got this, right?  But we felt like those lyrics touched a different spot with us and that why we wanted to release our own version, that spoke to our emotions and experiences.” 

Their version of the HotLine Bling shows a simplistic, stripped version of the original with more feeling and more croon that fits perfectly with the singing style used in the remix.

Moh Flow is a Dubai based Syrian singer-songwriter who has been releasing music since 2010. His vastly versatile writing and delivery style allows him to easily write the next chart topper or capture a crowd with an energetic performance. Moh has great track record and is building a steady momentum and it all seems to be lining following up the success of his recent project.  He and AY worked together to create I Remixed This For You, a five piece ep set that was so well-received by their fans and the public that they are now talking about giving all the world’s hits a facelift.

“I remember when I was a kid watching that show Unplugged,” says Moh Flow.  “Being able to slow something down and rip away all the ‘bling’ leaves you with nothing but the soul of the music.  That’s what we’re giving.”

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