Video: Micky Munday – Oh Yea | @mickymunday

Micky Munday – Oh Yea

Video: Micky Munday – Oh Yea | @mickymunday

Video: Micky Munday – Oh Yea

Micky Munday is an L.A. based hip-hop artist. Growing up in various neighborhoods throughout the Los Angeles area, he met and experienced many sides of the city, allowing him to see what success looked like from the outside in. Since an early age, Micky has expressed his thoughts and ideas through lyrical poetry and spoken word, and at 17 he decided to take his destiny into his own hands by dedicating his life to becoming a professional musician.
After watching the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys”, Micky and a group of local artists collaborated on a track they named after the film. Micky was so taken by the drug smuggling character’s story that he decided to stick with the moniker “Micky Munday”. Just as his musical inspirations like 2Pac, Nirvana, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Ice Cube and The Notorious BIG did, Micky strives to do what each one gave to the world: a particular feeling of emotion and moods that consistently touched every person who truly sought them out.
From performing as a black belt in karate as a child to hitting the stage as a musical artist, you can now catch Micky Munday everywhere from top venues in Hollywood to the stages of SXSW in Austin. Although he’s always winning over the crowd while rapping his hottest material, As he continues to aim to be the soundtrack of his fans lives, Micky is pursuing his dream daily to live up to those high expectations he sets for himself. Micky Munday drops a music video for his record “Oh Yea”. 

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