Video: Small Boss – 2Crazy | @smallbossmc

Small Boss – 2Crazy

Video: Small Boss – 2Crazy | @smallbossmc

Video: Small Boss – 2Crazy

Bio For Small Boss:

In 2015 it is a well known fact that the early 90’s were a transcending time for american culture and global culture as a whole. A time that brought Hip-Hop culture to the forefront of the media, it was the golden age. It was also the start of a phenomenon, suburbia was the largest consumer demographic for a genre that personified something that they had never in there life seen. Anyone born a midst this Era was almost guaranteed exposure to a new wave of media and just 10 miles outside of the city that birthed this very music, in one of the wealthiest suburbs in america that exact thing happened, it was in the world of Hip-Hop that Small Boss found solace.

Mineola, NY is a far cry from the ghetto but compared to the rest of Long Island its a far cry from the top as well. Small Boss likes to refer to the wealthy surroundings of his home town as the “next door neighbors” or “The Joneses”. Its far more common to see a 16 year old driving a brand new BMW than to see a 7 year old white kid in a du-rag, that was Small Boss. He wrote his first rap song in 2002 and can admit that It was down right horrible, however he stuck to it. He often recounts memories of battle rapping at recess and falling alseep to classics such as DR. Dre’s The Chronic, Kanye West’s The College Drop Out, Tupac’s All Eyez On me, and Eminem’s The Eminem Show, to block out the sounds of a broken home. Hip-Hop essentially raised him and by the time he was 10 he had filled 12 notebooks. However upon entering the 6th grade he became discouraged from rapping because he feared he would never be taken seriously as a white rapper. For 2 years his only participation in music was listening. He couldn’t stay away for long though, and in the 8th grade began to really hone his skills as an emcee. He didn’t have many friends so he would just practice for 4-6 hours everyday after school, he was constantly writing, free-styling, and listening or “studying” as he likes to put it.

At the age 14, Small Boss began recording his own songs using a 20$ usb microphone and a macbook. His first recorded track gained him small notoriety in his home town and its surrounding areas. The following year, with a better grasp on recording and help from some better gear, things started to come together for Small Boss though his skills were still at a very early stage He began developing an understanding of making an actual track or record that would follow him for many years to come. In October of that year, B-Gunz moved to Mineola from College Point, Queens. He and Small Boss had homeroom together and instantly became good friends. After some persuading B-Gunz agreed to try and rap if Small Boss would teach him along the way. Together with DJ Mikey Gunz and another rapper from queens by the name of Comet they formed a rap group called The Black Tie Affiliates and proceeded to drop their first mixtape that summer. The Mixtape brought even more local attention to the group and in 2011 Small Boss started Black Tie Records,over the next 3 years they would go on to release 4 more mixtapes.

In 2013 after deciding to try his hand at a solo LP Small Boss incorporated Black Tie. In January of 2014 Small Boss released On My Way as a mixtape. While it was originally planned as an LP Small Boss did not feel it was up to par just yet and eared on the side of caution. To his own avail in December of 2014 Small Boss released The Airplane Effect EP which spawned single “Come Fly” and was leaps ahead of his previous tape. “Come Fly” performed moderately well gaining 16,000 views this year, however it performed even better as a test for things to come.

On December 15, 2015 Small Boss’ first official LP 20 Years Young will be released. The white jewish boy from Long Island is in full gear. Black Tie Records is now fully operational and pumping out music like never before. Small Boss is here and he’s prepared to fight for the title he has been working towards for the past 14 Years.

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