Video: Tripod City – Born A Champion | @TRIPODCITY

Tripod City – Born A Champion

Video: Tripod City – Born A Champion | @TRIPODCITY

Video: Tripod City – Born A Champion

Cleveland based group Tripod City releases their new single “Born A Champion” inspired by the Cleveland Cavaliers title run.  Their new EP will be the first release since “Born 2 Rock Mics” in 2012.  “We wanted to make a record that anyone that has a goal they are trying to reach can relate to.” says Bully, one of the three MC’s in the group.  The 52 year championship draught in Cleveland is well documented and the Cavaliers have a shot to end the “curse” in this years’ NBA Finals. 

Blaise (left), Grizzle (center) and Bully (right) formed the group in 2009 based on their ability to freestyle and have cyphers that would last for hours.  “We love to flow.  That’s how we create most of our song ideas”, says Blaise.  Tripod City is expected to tour later this year.  They are known for their high energy live performances. 

This is Tripod City performing at The Odeon on Tech N9ne’s Independent Powerhouse Tour.  Pictured is “Grizzle” showing off his patented “Tennessee leg kick”. 

You can find “Born A Champion” on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. 

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